Extradium 2013 is compatible with SharePoint 2016 with Extradium v3.5.0.2 and further.

Please note you will need to contact sales AT riolinx DOT com to get a SharePoint 2016-compatible Extradium license key if you don't already have one (Extradium license keys valid for SharePoint 2013 cannot be used on SharePoint 2016).

The upgrade process consists of the following steps:

  1. If you use a version of Extradium in your SharePoint 2013 extranet that is lower than, we advise that you upgrade your SharePoint 2013 environment to the same version as your chosen version for your SharePoint 2016 environment. Refer to the How to update my Extradium 2013/2016 Standard Edition installation? page for detailed instructions.
    Another option is to skip the upgrade of Extradium 2013 and check the Upgrade database schema checkbox once your reach step #14 below (when you attach your Extradium database to your Extradium environment)

  2. Browse to your site on the new farm and make sure Extradium works well.

  3. Install SharePoint 2016 in a new farm (since in-place upgrade for SharePoint 2013-to-2016 is not a supported upgrade path)
  4. Install the latest version of Extradium Standard Edition in the SharePoint 2016 farm
  5. Apply your SharePoint 2016-compatible Extradium activation license key in the License Update page of the Extradium Central Administration site. If your Extradium database contains more than 20 users, you must use a license key that includes enough users (otherwise all users above the first 20 will be renamed and deactivated).
  6. (Optional) Install the latest version of the Professional Edition of Extradium (if you have a Professional or Enterprise license)
  7. (Optional) Install the latest version of the Enterprise Edition of Extradium (if you have a or Enterprise license)
  8. Follow the Upgrade content databases to SharePoint 2016 instructions to move your 2013 content databases to your new SharePoint 2016 environment and create new SharePoint 2016 web applications using the same configuration variables (urls, zones, etc...) you used in SharePoint 2013
  9. Back up your Extradium 2013 database
  10. Restore your Extradium 2013 database in your SharePoint 2016 SQL Server cluster. 
  11. Optionally, back up all the exs[..].resx files you may have manually modified in your extranet web application's App_GlobalResources folder
  12. (SharePoint content-related only) Back up and restore your original content databases from the first farm to the second farm. If you are using the same SQL Server instance, you can also remove the content databases from the original farm and add them to the new farm
  13. (Optional) Restore the exs[...].resx files you may have backed up from the first farm into your new extranet web application App_GlobalResources folder.
  14. Browse to the Extradium Database Configuration page and point to the Extradium database in the 2016 SQL cluster
  15. Enable Extradium FBA on your new 2016 web application zones that match your SharePoint 2013 Extradium deployment.
  16. Browse to the Extradium Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) Configuration page and enable Extradium on your web application/zone with the same settings you chose in your original environment