In order to synchronize the Extradium users with the SharePoint User Profile database, please follow the steps below: 

  1. Download the Extradium 2010 SharePoint User Profile Sync Tool or the Extradium 2013 SharePoint User Profile Sync Tool (depending on the version of Extradium you use) 
  2. Unzip the archive on a SharePoint server running the User Profile Service Application and read the Readme.txt file.
  3. Open the RioLinx.Extradium.Tools.ProfileSync.exe.config and modify the WebApplicationUrl setting so that the value attribute matches the url of the web application where Extradium was enabled. You may also set the QuietMode setting to "false" in order to have some tracing information
  4. Run RioLinx.Extradium.Tools.ProfileSync.exe to perform the first synchronization
  5. After validating that the first sync worked, you can create a schedule task to synchronize the Extradium database with the SharePoint User Profile database on a regular basis.