If you need to relocate your SharePoint farm running Extradium, here are the steps you should take:


  1. Set up your new SharePoint farm and make sure it runs with the same Service Pack/Cumulative Update version as your first farm
  2. Install the same version of Extradium you use in your current environment
  3. Create the extranet web application in the same way it was created in your current production environment (especially with regards to zones, urls, etc...)
  4. Create a dummy site collection at the root of the new extranet web application  (we will remove the content database initially created with the web application later on)
  5. Back up your existing Extradium database and restore it with another name (if you plan to use the same SQL server or cluster). Optionally, back up all the exs[..].resx files you may have manually modified in your extranet web application's App_GlobalResources folder.
  6. If you use more than 20 users, please submit a ticket  to request a temporary key (otherwise all users above the first 20 will be renamed and deactivated) and apply it in the License Update page of the Extradium Central Administration site.
  7. Browse to the Extradium Database Configuration page and point to your "new" Extradium database
  8. Browse to the Extradium Forms-Based Authentication (FBA) Configuration page and enable Extradium on your web application/zone with the same settings you chose in your original environment
  9. Remove the default content database from your extranet web application
  10. Back up and restore your original content databases from the first farm to the second farm. If you are using the same SQL Server instance, you can also remove the content databases from the original farm and add them to the new farm
  11. (Optional) Restore the exs[...].resx files you may have backed up from the first farm into your new extranet web application App_GlobalResources folder.
  12. Browse to your site on the new farm and make sure Extradium works well.