If you installed Extradium 2010 in a multi-server farm, you might notice errors in the SharePoint ULS logs such as the following one:

Failed to find the XML file at location '14\Template\Features\RLSoft.XtraShare.SharePoint.Admin.StsConfigUpdater\feature.xml' 84093674-8034-482c-8257-7e8f83912b0d 12/11/2012 13:17:02.18  w3wp.exe (0x1B80)   0x30B8 SharePoint Foundation   Feature Infrastructure   fs74 Medium   Feature definition missing for Feature 'RLSoft.XtraShare.SharePoint.Admin.StsConfigUpdater' (Id: '53660948-c042-416d-a5b6-90019b01a111') 84093674-8034-482c-8257-7e8f83912b0d

The root cause of this error (which doesn't prevent Extradium from running properly though) is that the RLSoft.XtraShare.SharePoint.Admin.wsp is only deployed to the servers that run the SharePoint Central Administration Site (there is typically only one such server in a SharePoint farm).

In order to get rid of these warning/error messages, please take the following steps:

1. Navigate to the SharePoint Central Administration

2. Select System Settings ==> "Manage farm solutions".

3. Click on rlsoft.xtrashare.sharepoint.admin.wsp and deploy the solution to any web application.

This will deploy the missing features to all front-end web servers and you should no longer see such entries in the SharePoint ULS logs.